The University of Westminster BA Fashion course is a leader in technical excellence and cultural marketing relevance within the discipline. Under the directorship of Rosie Wallin, the institution’s mission is to deliver visionary, responsible, employable graduates and the most creative, driven, original thinkers with the capacity to shape the contemporary fashion industry. BA Fashion guides students at this early moment in their careers, in unearthing their personal design philosophy and opens them up to direct industry experiences, to prepare them for what might lie ahead, should they pursue fashion beyond BA level. BA Fashion University of Westminster was the first ever undergraduate course that was invited onto the London Fashion Week schedule in 2018. Amongst its alumni are Ashley Williams, Claire Barrow, Stuart Vevers, Liam Hodges, Markus Lupfer and Katie Hillier. 

University of Westminster BA 2024 Designers: Isabel Ealand, Olivia Stewart, Lydiah Holder, Lydia Pipili, Joseph Brimicombe, Markos Tranakas, Rachael Tyler, Jessica Parry, Blythe Brunt, Paolo Iacobucci, Reece Sheikh, Mila Nikcevic, Stavri Grigori, Soraya Behzadi, Konthorn Wutthiwongangkhana, Milla Hanney, Tom Rowe, Tak Fung, Jamina Ziebart, Jessica Storey, Theo Ike, Polly Chen

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