London’s favourite street-luxe jewellery brand introduces a pearl capsule with contemporary design elements and sterling silver finishes inspired by the colours of the moon. Introducing The Lunar Seas Capsule.

The hues of the Moon consistently vary wherever you are in the world, an angle separated by the oceans of the earth gives a different perspective on colour. Freshwater Pearls embrace the same science, FP invites you to test this for yourself and be immersed in our latest Lunar Seas Capsule. The Lunar Seas Capsule for AW20 is a 12-Piece selection of individually unique pearl chains and bracelets each named after a different Lunar Sea. FP’s freshwater pearls are unique in their spherical shape and colour transitioning from midnight blues to inviting golden browns.

Feather Pendants unveil six new pearl arrivals, all labelled after the infamous lunar seas – discover timeless design offered by the Nubian pearls, a mix of sterling silver and pearls on the Frigor chains, midnight blue and golden brown gradients of the Serenity and Tranquility pearls.

For those that don’t know, here’s a breakdown of the lunar moons. The Nubian Pearl Chain (Sea of Clouds), The Crisium Pearl Chain (Sea of Storms), The Tranquility Pearl Chain (Sea of Tranquility), The Serenity Pearl Chain (Sea of Serenity), Frigor Pearl Chain (Sea of Cold). 


The latest winter additions are elegantly hand-strung and now available online at www.featherpendants.com. Stay connected and up to date on the latest style news by following @vipermagazine @featherpendants

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