KEEN mark the 20th anniversary of the iconic Newport sandal and global bestseller by introducing The Newport H2 Monochrome collection for Spring/Summer 2023, designed to resonate with urban explorers, adding a versatile and fashion-forward touch to their wardrobe.

The Newport H2 Monochrome collection features three sophisticated and muted colourways: Steel Grey, Safari, Fawn and Triple Black. This collection is crafted with durability and minimal environmental impact in mind. Each sandal is built to last, ensuring that urban explorers can confidently embark on their daily adventures without compromising on comfort or style.

KEEN has partnered with Outsiders Design Studio to create an awe-inspiring photo shoot that truly embodies the urban allure and adaptability of the Newport hybrid silhouette. Set against the backdrop of France’s Calanques National Park’s salt flats, home to a unique ecosystem teeming with pink flamingos and vibrant algae, the images flawlessly showcase Newport sandal’s versatility and amphibious nature, highlighting its ability to seamlessly transition from city streets to natural landscapes.

£100 at KEEN

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