notwoways unveils Formula: The third official model from the London based brand – Redefining Footwear Innovation

notwoways, an esteemed independent footwear brand renowned for its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of style, takes great pride in presenting the highly anticipated ‘Formula’: the distinguished third model within the notwoways family. The groundbreaking release signifies an era of new-found eminence within the notwoways lineage, as it introduces a three-piece cup sole silhouette, meticulously crafted and conceptualised in-house.

Building upon the resounding success of two distinct models launched over the past three years, each adorned with a myriad of captivating colorways, notwoways embarks on an unparalleled journey with the ‘Formula’ model, establishing an unprecedented standard for creative eminence. Few brands have dared to undertake such an audacious endeavor, rendering this achievement all the more remarkable for an independent entity.

With an illustrious track record of 13 successful releases, notwoways acknowledges the need to continuously offer its audience fresh and innovative products. ‘Formula’ exemplifies the unwavering dedication to deliver a commercial style that is destined to become a quintessential classic within the collection.

Every facet of the style has been thoughtfully designed and tailored from the ground up. Employing targeted layering techniques and seamlessly integrating advanced anti-crease technologies, notwoways have created a shoe that distinguishes itself from the competition with unparalleled finesse. Furthermore, the packaging has undergone a complete transformation, now presented in a premium shoebox, accompanied by a dust bag and an assortment of extras, elevating the overall unboxing experience.

Formula boasts a predominantly pristine white colorway, a timeless staple in any individual’s shoe rotation, particularly during the vibrant summer months. Subtle touches of orange grace the distinct ‘arrow bottom’ and lacetip details, injecting understated yet captivating energy. For those seeking a more refined aesthetic, the supplementary laces feature lacetips crafted from white metal, offering a sophisticated alternative.

Moreover, notwoways commitment to comfort and functionality manifests in the shoe’s meticulously engineered design. The ergonomically crafted outsole ensures a comfortable fit for wearers with wider feet, while the curved backheel curtails heel-drag, enabling seamless pivoting both during your stride and even behind the wheel. ‘Formula’ embodies the epitome of an everyday shoe, combining a contemporary appearance with effortless maintenance and an upper that gracefully ages over time.

Available for £110 via www.notwoways.com

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