Super fresh, super bold. Super fashion, super sport. The energy of the fashion show, brought to the street. Lacoste is proud to unveil the all new L003 Neo; a twist on a concept shoe pioneered on Lacoste’s runway, now available to all. It nods to the pioneering achievements of founder Rene Lacoste, all whole breaking rules about how fashion and sport can and should mix.

It is a fresh vision for the future that takes the conversation somewhere totally new. L003 Neo is a boundary-breaking moment; an inspiration for a new kind of sneaker. A key inspiration comes from the tennis ball – which bounces across lines, across divisions, across time, always moving, pinging its way around the court, to embrace constant change, constant innovation, bold acceptance, radical modernity.

The shoe is similarly energetic – moving from court to street, from sport to fashion, from what came before to what comes next. This dynamic lifestyle sneaker has a neoprene and mesh upper, intricate lace fastening, eye- catching perforations and bold Lacoste branding on the side. Additionally, the crocodile shines from the side heel. The shoe is grounded by a very modern chunky outsole.

The L003 Neo comes in a hero colour-way of neon yellow, which nods to the dynamism of the tennis ball and to Lacoste’s rich history as a sporting leader. To ensure maximum choice, there are also various other bright and sleek options – including stylish monochrome pink and turquoise for women – and classic tones, including all-black and timeless khaki for men.

The shoe comes to life in a vibrant campaign starring L003 Neo ambassadors, Ella Mai and Midwxst. Ella Mai is a true musical rising star, shooting from London to a global audience. American Midwxst is without doubt the world’s next great hip hop icon. Both are on the move, bouncing, speeding, shining. They encapsulate the dynamism and youthful vitality of the L003 Neo. The campaign is a tribute to movement and the role of radical bounce in breaking down boundaries and crossing distinct worlds. Lacoste dare to play boldly and uniquely when it comes to uniting fashion and sport.

The new L003 silhouette merges the best elements of both worlds, clashing and mixing details, references and heritages into new and surprising shoes, designed for modern living. The goal is redefining codes and embracing fashion, all while celebrating the technical brilliance of sportswear and the culture of the court.

With the L003 Neo, there is the comfort of performance- wear, and, simultaneously the character and conceptuality of high fashion footwear. It is an amplification of Lacoste’s values; fashion, tennis, culture, style, design, endless modernity, constant rule-breaking.

The L003 Neo offers the creativity of the runway in a practical, versatile every-day sneaker; ready for the streets, and for modern living. The L003 Neo is the best expression of Lacoste’s pioneering approach to uniting fashion and sport. A story of fashion, creativity, culture, wrapped in a bold, elevated, modern product. L003 Neo: High fashion energy meets the codes of sport.

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