The legendary streetwear label KING and the home of everything entertainment & hip hop, WORLDSTAR, proudly announce their official collaboration, ‘GOING VIRAL.’ This groundbreaking partnership bridges the cultural pillars of the UK and the U.S.A, celebrating the viral age of the internet. Designed across the Atlantic under the visionary leadership of KING, the limited edition ‘GOING VIRAL’ collection is set to launch on the 27th of January, both in-store and online, immediately following the Paris Fashion Week.

This unique collaboration serves as a subversive and irreverent commentary on the digital landscape we currently inhabit, drawing inspiration from the virality synonymous with the Worldstar ecosystem. The collection encapsulates our collective desire for numbers, fame, views, and notoriety. Comprising custom accessories, caps, socks, tees, sweats, and hoods, the ‘GOING VIRAL collection boasts bold designs and a lo-fi aesthetic, set to be released in limited availability.

KING & WSHH present a series of key, head-turning pieces, reshaping your weekly rotation as spring approaches. The collection features graphic-led designs, emblazoned artworks, and bold figure statements on hoodies, t-shirts, and sweaters, embodying the recognizable Worldstar Hip-Hop red and black color rotation.

The ‘GOING VIRAL’ collection will be primarily available online via shop.worldstar.com. In addition to the online activation, KING and WSHH have partnered exclusively with the upscale streetwear retailer Superior Store. Limited supplies of the collection will be available at Superior Store’s Memphis, Atlanta, and Birmingham USA locations on the launch date.

Smile… You’re about to go viral. Embrace the synergy of UK streetwear and American hip-hop with the KING x WORLDSTAR ‘GOING VIRAL’ collection, a bold testament to the cultural impact of the internet age.

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