Since leaving education at 16, Joe Granger and Callum Vineer have transformed a bedroom dream into reality. Unknown London is currently shaping London’s street fashion culture the right way.
The young and ambitious founders were amongst the many start-up fashion brands that flooded onto streets and social media a few years ago. However Unknown is one of the few streetwear labels to surpass the competition and flourish into a sustainable artistic movement, with its roots firmly intact.
Hosting pop-up stores worldwide, Unknown has created an atmospheric melting pot of aspiring fashion designers and young creatives. We linked up with Unknown to find out more about their beginnings, dreams and visions…
Who is Unknown?
Unknown is our brand, made by us, for everyone.
How did the two of you meet?
We met at college and became close mates, we had very similar tastes in fashion and were frustrated [by] the lack of any stand-out, affordable brands around. In 2015 there was almost nothing in the gap between high-street and luxury, so after a few months of knowing each other we had the idea to start a brand ourselves, and within a couple of weeks Unknown was born. Things took off rapidly and a few months on, we took the risk of dropping out of college and put everything into running the brand full time. Since then we’ve moved out of our parent’s homes and have our own place with some mates, plus our first London based studio/office. It’s all a bit mad!
What can we expect from you both on your journey forward?
Expect to see a lot of us… The rest of this year is booked up with pop-ups, showrooms and parties all over the world.We’ve got some huge projects set to release this year that we can’t really talk about, but expect some surprising collaborations and crazy collections, [we’re] very gassed to show you all what we’ve got in store.
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