BAFTA Award winning TV star and iconic UK rapper Big Narstie launches the world’s first ‘Lemon Kush’ flavour CBD toothpaste, alongside an additional ‘Sour Diesel’ flavour (mint and activated charcoal), boasting a 75% CBD content, as opposed to the usual 5%.

The UK rap icon and award-winning TV personality partners up with founder and entrepreneur Jason Neish to release the toothpaste under the brand name CALICO420. The company was founded in 2021 by Neish, a clinical nutritional therapist, taking inspiration from his time on holiday in Zanzibar when attempting to purchase a fluoride free toothpaste. Upon further research of the immunity benefits of CBD, Neish went on to develop the concept, defining himself as a disruptor within the oral healthcare industry.

Speaking on the venture, Big Narstie states: “The minute Jason showed me the finished product and explained the journey, it blew me away, this was the first time in a long time that anyone had shown me something that I have never seen before! And when he asked me to partner up, it was a no brainer.”

Jason Neish also explains: “When you enter into an established market, it’s important to shake it up a bit and make some noise, and that’s exactly what CALICO420 is doing! When you think about the traditional toothpaste market, its clinical, boring, and very corporate. Aside from the natural health benefits, we wanted to connect in a more personal way and make it fun!”

Currently on sale are two flavours, Lemon Kush — the world’s first Lemon flavoured CBD toothpaste — and Sour Diesel, a mint flavour with activated charcoal. As well as the unique flavours, the toothpaste supplies a number of surprising benefits: the CBD acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic ingredient, and is scientifically proven to promote good gum health as well as containing no fluoride. The toothpaste naturally aids enamel support and cavity prevention, whilst being suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

With the global Oral Healthcare market valued at £27bn and due to grow to over £50bn by 2030, and CBD becoming an accepted fixture in the mainstream market from oils to drinks, CALICO420 feels like the freshest new name in the landscape as the UK personality continues to flex his shrewd investment muscle. Add ‘FRESH25’ for a further 25% discount.

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