Coinciding with Abloh’s fall ’21 menswear show, set for January 21st, Louis Vuitton will be releasing an up-cycled version of their coveted trainer. The collection will consist of brand new models made using pre-existing LV sneakers, all debuted at Abloh’s “Walk in the Park” event at the Rue du Pont Neu.

While a release date is yet to be finalised for international sneaker heads, the rare Virgil trainer will definitely be of interest to anyone into their creps.

The brand’s 2019 silhouette has been disassembled and transformed into unique versions of the model. As can be seen in the press photos, Louis Vuitton’s classic motifs appear on the tongue, mid-foot and heel, but the rainbow laces and vibrant collars give then an added flare that previous versions of the shoe haven’t had.

Virgil is also giving buyers the option of customisation, with instructions on how to reassemble and cut the shoe. Hopefully, we will see an official release soon. In the mean time, check back here for any Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton related news.

Words by Liam Cattermole

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