Miggy is a filmmaker and video director responsible for visuals for notable names like Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti, Wiz Khalifa and Viper favourites, Divine Council. His visuals display tones of otherworldliness; distinctively modern yet nostalgic. It’s 10pm in London as I call Miggy, it’s 2pm in LA where he’s location scouting for a new project. We spoke about building his brand aesthetic and the creative process behind past work.
Firstly, there is very little information about you online, what do you want readers to know about you?
That I came from nothing I guess, that’s something that can inspire everybody. I grew up in Tucson, Arizona. I just moved out to LA, when I first got here I didn’t have a regular day job or a definite place to stay. During that first year it helped me get a feel for how I could do this independently and live off it. It’s been like three years now, I feel like anyone can really do this if they have the patience and drive.
What advice would you give to others trying to enter the music or filmmaking industry?
Take risks, that’s mainly what I like to do with my stuff. On a lot of occasions I won’t have the prefect circumstances to accomplish things, but I find a way, even though maybe it’s not conventional or whatever. But take risks and invest in yourself because nobody else is gonna do it for you. I worked at a dollar store and I bought my first camera when I was 16.
What film or video do you think everyone should watch?
Clockwork Orange, Suspiria or The Shining.
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Words by Celiya Köster

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