R.I.P. to one of the most iconic in music. To celebrate the post-humous album from the NYC superstar, we’ve rounded up 11 perfect moments from the project…

  • A brand new Lox/DMX collab in 2021

Not just a new track but a seriously good one. Jada’s spitting hot fire within the first few seconds, enough to convince you that these guys are some of the most precious gems to come out of the nineties New York rap scene.

  • ANOTHER Jay Z and Nas track

We’re a little sad that DJ Khaled beat DMX to this, by just a couple of weeks. The switch over is smooth as silk, with not even a hook to minimise the transition. Just as you think the song has peaked, DMX jumps in to illuminate the last minute of the track. 

  • Stunting lyrics for days courtesy of Jay Z

With Jay’s verse full of braggadocio, we have Instagram captions to last the next year, minimum. Personally, I’m going for “every six months think I need a new bucket list.”

  • How Lil Wayne’s opens ‘Dogs Out’

Lil Wayne and DMX together isn’t an entirely outlandish link up – they’ve toured together and collaborated on a 50 Cent track prior to this – plus Swizz appeared on and co-produced Weezy’s impeccable 2018 release, ‘Uproar’. With this in mind, ‘Dogs Out’ from ‘Exodus’ is a perfect NY-NO partnership that we can’t get enough of.

  • New Alicia Keys vocals!

It’s been a minute! No surprise considering her husband executive produced the album, but that didn’t make it any less special.

  • The reference to ‘Party Up In Here’ on the ‘Stick Up (Skit)’ 

Skits aren’t utilised enough by artists these days, and some of the most iconic skits of the 2000s appeared on Ruff Ryders anthems (remember the intro to ‘How’s It Going Down?). This one gets me hype from the start, and hopefully will make the younger generation of DMX fans understand just how iconic that track was when it dropped.

  • Griselda on a DMX track

The growl! With the most perfect opening, this song has become so addictive. We all knew we needed this, but didn’t know how essential it was for the future of humanity. Now we officially have a Griselda x DMX track with ‘Hood Blues’, sleep has improved for 85% of rap lovers. 

  • The Marvin Gaye chop on ‘Take Control’

Done with respect and care, the song samples ‘Sexual Healing’ in a delicate way, free of cliches. Considering this is one of the best known Soul songs of all time, it’s rare to hear it sound so refreshing. In addition, this new verse from Snoop is a breath of fresh air, as his soft and silky vocals blend with the raw gruffness of DMX. 

  • Exodus Simmons’ vocals on ‘Walking In The Rain’ 

This laidback song comes near the end of the project, with another appearance from Nas’, alongside Denaun. The final credit goes to X’s son Exodus, who sings the chorus on the end of the song. A skit follows the song, where you hear Exodus excitedly repeating “go daddy.” Cuteness overload. 

  • The lyrics to his son on ‘Letter My Son (Call Your Father)’

If this didn’t make you shed a tiny tear, you’re a stronger soul than me. The honesty and intention behind the lyrics displays the true poetry in DMX’s lyrics. The song acts as an absolution of his regrets and sounds prayer-like. This might be the best song on the project, due to the beauty of the lyrics and simplicity of the instrumental. Usher vocals are the icing on the cake, as he embellishes the song with harmonies. 

  • The album closer ‘Prayer’

Religion was a huge part of DMX’s life, especially towards the end, so this is a touching detail, as we hear him recite a prayer. Acting like holy ad libs, we hear those around him respond with “amen” and “hallelujah,” then applauding, bringing ‘Exodus’ to a powerful close. 

Stream the album below, it’s a very special one…

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