With more than 13 million views in 15 hours, it’s safe to say that Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’ video has the Rap game in a chokehold right now. VIPER rounded-up the best moments so you have a cheatsheet if you haven’t been on YouTube today…

Teasing a snippet of a new song 

  • Starting the lyric with “Reincarnated” suggests that this snippet was written after the “I see dead people line.” While it might take us the rest of the weekend to decipher the lyrics of this new snippet, its existence is a great sign – Kendrick is back in his musical bag. Though we don’t have confirmation that an album is due this year, the rate that Kendrick’s been dropping in 2024 thanks to the Drake beef, shows us that creatively, he’s back and better than ever.

Tommy The Clown asking “What’s the password?”

  • With a knock on a door, we hear the song’s dead people line uttered as a password before dancer, Tommy the Clown announces “You’re late.” More than a cameo, this is a tribute to a man that has dedicated his life to improving the lives of young people in LA. Not to mention that the inclusion of Tommy the Clown, – a man that protects children – is in itself a dig at Drake. 

Crip-Walk Break

  • In a metallic room, Kendrick is surrounded by Crip walkers that break into dance around him. With red and blue flags – representing rival LA gangs – bound together, the symbolism reminds the viewer that this song is bigger than a Drake diss; it’s a love song to west coast culture. If you get it, you get it. 

Mimicking the ‘Family Matters’ video

  • With a black and greyscale backdrop, it’s hard to differentiate Drake’s visuals from this Kendrick scene. While that reference may go over the heads of most, the balaclava wearing man resembling Drake on the cover of ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’ probably won’t. As he approaches Kendrick, an invisible forcefield throws him backwards, symbolising the protective forces around Kendrick. 

The Push-Up scene

  • Though we haven’t counted them, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Kendrick actually drops and gives us 50 here! The tongue in cheek response to Drake’s lyric is what makes him the perfect contender for a battle with Aubrey Graham. Throughout the video, instead of avoiding Drake’s digs, he flips them and reinforces the fact he’s not intimidated by anything aimed at him.

The Owl piñata 

  • A very LOL moment, this doesn’t take much deciphering, as we see K.Dot beating an OVO logo shaped piñata with a stick. The text on screen contains a Disclaimer that no OVHOES were harmed in the making of this video. The addition of such a child-friendly item serves as a subtle nod to the paedophile allegations thrown at Drake by Kendrick throughout the song. Likewise with the hopscotch game drawn on the concreter.  

Cameos from TDE, DeMar DeRozan and of course Dave Free, Kendrick’s manager and friend.

  • The presence of Free alongside Kendrick is a clear sign that there’s no animosity between them, despite Drake’s allegations. Allegations that seem pretty unfounded when Kendrick’s children appear in the video, and the viewer sees the facial similarities between them and their father. Naturally, DeMar DeRozan was an essential appearance, considering he’s literally name-checked on the track. Likewise, TDE’s inclusion is a familiar affair.

Mustard riding shotgun in the Ferrari 

  • Wearing a Toronto Blue Jays hat, the song’s producer (and West Coast legend in his own right) sits besides Kendrick as they cruise through Compton in a matte black sports car and stop by Tam’s Burgers.

Whitney dancing with their children 

  • Appearing in a room aesthetically similar to the ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’’ backdrop, the inclusion of Whitney Alford is a clear sign that all Drake’s attacks on Kendrick’s relationship with Whitney haven’t affected their relationship. Her smiles as the “he’s a fan” line repeats, serve as a clear sign she’s as unbothered as her partner is by what’s been said by the Canadian artist. 

The crowd shots outside the Compton Courthouse

  • Complete with audio of the group chanting “They Not Like Us” – not only does this look like a fucking vibe, it also confirms the appeal of Kendrick within his locale. More than a local celebrity, his supporters mob the street in support. Spotting Kendrick in the scene is like spotting Where’s Waldo.

The owl in the cage

  • At first, it’s hard to tell what the organic mass is, an animal? A plant? A rock? Soon the camera reveals a striking owl, caged. The scene acts as a symbolic end to the video, with an impactful message to Drake about the current status of his career. 

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