Get your metrocards ready – KITH is taking you on an immersive journey as the streetwear brand continues to blur the boundaries between music and fashion. Today, the coveted 13-year-old clothing line is en route to their next destination, announcing their official entry into the music industry with “Last Stop,” KITH’s first-ever single. A&R’d by KITH founder and CEO, Ronnie Fieg, “Last Stop” is the first-ever release on KITH Records.

The new single is heralded by a verse from Harlem’s hometown hero Cam’Ron, as he wraps his distinctive wordplay into the pulsating production by the Bronx’s Swizz Beatz like a pink fleece jacket. The accompanying music video captures the essence of the five-borough friendly track, as Cam rhymes in a subway car adorned in Venus et Fleur roses. 

“Last Stop” not only marks the beginning of a new era for KITH and the newly-announced KITH Records, but it also serves as the soundtrack for its Spring 2024 collection. Unveiled today with Cam’Ron as its face, KITH’s Spring 2024 collection will be available for purchase on Friday, February 9 at 11am ET. Visit KITH’s official website for more details.

Stay tuned for new music from KITH Records throughout the year, and stand clear of the closing doors please! 

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