R&B’s rising star Zion has built his kingdom out of a bedroom studio and is set to release his new mixtape, ‘Welcome To The Lions Den’

Reminiscent of a bygone era of R&B, title track “Welcome To The Lions Den” is a balletic anthem about independence and self-belief. Throughout the 8-track mixtape, Zion takes us on an intimate journey through his diverse range demonstrating his smooth, heartbreaker vocals. On “Insecure Love” Zion collaborates with North-West London musician and personality Chunks and we witness the two flip the male bravado on its head. Continuously pushing the boundaries of R&B, other highlights include the uplifting message in “Power”, where we hear influences from his African heritage.

A stand out voice for his generation, Zion wants to encourage more to create and back themselves and others. Strong and confident, he is proving himself as one of the UK’s rising stars and has built his kingdom out of a bedroom studio.

Growing up in one of London’s most diverse and dangerous areas, Zion was raised by his protective Nigerian mother. Throughout his childhood, he was only exposed to Gospel music and it wasn’t until his late teens that a football coach introduced him to artists like Usher & Lil Wayne, building a newfound obsession. At 15, he began recording songs at school and releasing them online, never shy of writing heartbreaker ballads, his peers bullied him for his romantic expression. Igniting a passion to prove them wrong he continued to create and his online fanbase began to grow rapidly. Zion’s mother gave him a one-year deadline to pursue music before university and it was during that time he released “When I First Laid Eyes On You” which has received over 10 million views to date, the rest is history.

Stay connected with Zion by following him on social media, and listen to his ‘Welcome To The Lions Den’ tape now.

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