Dickies, the world’s leading workwear brand, is thrilled to announce its first collaboration with the disruptive and world-renowned creative collective, Brain Dead. This exclusive collection, launching during Dickies centennial anniversary, draws inspiration from both companies’ roots.

“Brain Dead is a community of creatives and Dickies is a brand that celebrates and embraces the community of makers and those shaping their own path,” said Sarah Crockett, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Dickies. “This collection represents our mutual spirit and respect for creativity and community and those who prioritise us over me.”

Brain Dead and Dickies first partnered in 2021, opening the first-ever Brain Dead Fabrications in the Silverlake neighbourhood of Los Angeles. This collaboration marks the next step in the brand’s working relationship. Dickies has long stood out to the Brain Dead family as a staple in street and workwear fashion with its durable and high-quality clothing for consumers around the world.  The Dickies x Brain Dead exclusive collection reimagines some of Dickies classic silhouettes, including the Original 874 Work Pants, Eisenhower Jackets, T-Shirts, and Caps. 

“Dickies was always an inspiration for us because of its universality. Any kid from any age could pick up a pair of Dickies and apply it to their culture whether it’s skating, music, or even art,” said Kyle Ng, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Brain Dead. “It’s not just a product, it’s a canvas that cultures in many countries use in a different way. For us, it’s the perfect way to communicate our creativity to our fans.”

The Dickies x Brain Dead collection is available now at Dickies.com 

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