Joy Crookes, the three-time BRIT nominee and one of the UK’s fastest rising music artists, reunites with Timberland in 2022 to ensure a legacy for the ‘My Community, our Nature’ campaign that they launched together last year.

As it moves into its second stage, Joy, in conjunction with InSpire Youth Club, will stand up and activate change in the heart of the South London community that she was raised and nurtured. A new career pathways apprenticeship programme and a transformative urban greening project form part of a schedule that is intended to last.
In less than a decade, spending on Youth Services throughout the UK has been cut by 70%. She is challenging herself and others to provide purposeful and practical solutions for young people by asking, what do they need and how can we help? Her approach is to tackle this with music and nature in mind, working on the ground, to reconnect with her community.

The new career pathway, led by YUAF and InSpire Youth Club, will feature a range of creative workshops, work experience at supporting partners such as Sony, for young people to really immerse themselves in a world that otherwise might have felt inaccessible. This program facilitates change, it will motivate young people and equip them with the tools and confidence socially and professionally. South London is brimming with creativity. Joy can see the untapped potential and understands it is about giving her community what they actually need in order to thrive and build forward.
Joy Crookes comments on the project:“I have spent time with the young people of InSpire and the people who run the youth club, to really understand what they need and how we can help them. I know that longevity is key to supporting youth clubs and young people. They deserve opportunity no matter where they come from and their socio-economic background. The music industry for example is so broad, internships through our program with YUAF and InSpire will give the young people experience they might not have had before, an insight into the industry and valuable experience they can take forward with them.”
Creating a green legacy is the next phase of Timberland’s Urban Greening mission. Timberland staff and a team of volunteers from London National Park City, Urban Growth will rejuvenate the outdoor areas of InSpire and St Peter’s Church.The green space now benefits from a brand new pergola, with a vision for the young people of the community to flourish. It will be a vital green space for outdoor activities at InSpire, to be used for workshops, study, meditation and more.As part of the programme, InSpire community members will also benefit from regular field trips outside of London, an aspiration they have had for the past few years.  

Giving these young people better access to the outdoors is vital for their wellbeing and will educate them on the opportunities and benefits that being in nature can offer, physically and mentally.The theme of community runs throughout this project as Timberland and Joy link up with local, sustainable organisations to bring the renewed nature vision to life.

London National Park City, an organisation with a mission to regreen cities, will be integral in facilitating the green workshops and educating the young people at InSpire about the power of nature in boosting mood, sparking creativity and improving social cohesion. Urban Growth a local sustainable organisation will provide the raw materials using surplus waste, making the operations completely sustainable.
Urban Greening is an integral part of Timberlands ‘Nature Needs Heroes’ campaign and their mission to build forward for a better future. Spending 120 minutes in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing*. Timberland believes that a greener future is a better future.

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