CaviarGabe, a rising talent and musician hailing from the ease end of London via Johannesburg, South Africa unveils this new single that endeavours to touch the hearts and bless the ears of his fans that now stagger across the globe with a universal amplification of what it means to be spirited and pure. ‘Kuyeza Ukukhanya’ acts as a soulful bridge in collaboration with a South African talent and voice Lia Butler who is nothing short of angelic and delivers a personal favourite for the realist rapper.

As we indulge in the new single, we can’t help to notice the passion CaviarGabe expresses in his poetry, and through the language of hip-hop with his spirited lyrics. ‘Kuyeza Ukukhanya’ is a song about finding the light, wearing your crown and believing that even in the darkest moments, there is always light. The song is a tribute to the creative freedom and soul of South Africa, an untapped market that CaviarGabe is passionate about sharing with the world.

Tap in, and listen to the single Kuyeza Ukukhanya by CaviarGabe here,

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