Following the release of his stunning project ‘Half Empty’, VIPER catch up with London musician VB for an editorial…

Your new project ‘Half Empty’ just dropped, has your approach making this different to previous projects?

Honestly I don’t really plan tapes but when you feel that vibe you just know.

What does the name “Half Empty” mean to you?

Half empty to me is all about trust, when you get into situations with people is your “cup of trust” half empty or half full? Mines usually half empty, that way I can’t be disappointed when someone lets me down.

Does one track stand out for you more than the others? If so, what reason?

I mess with all of them but if I had to choose I’d say ‘Loyal’, once I made this I knew I had a tape.

You’ve been home a few months now, were all the tracks created since then? Or have you been sitting on them, waiting to release?

Wrote the majority whilst on my government vacation and recorded everything when I got out.

You’re no stranger to the UK music scene, what’s your perspective on music like now, and how has it changed in the last few years?

It’s nice to see people find a lane for themselves to provide for their families, tell their stories and leave their mark on the world

How has COVID-19 affected your moves this year?

Honestly I like my own company anyway so I’m actually thriving under these conditions. It’s actually given me more time to plan and to execute my plans too.

What’s the first thing you plan on doing when the world goes back to normal?

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Half Empty AW20

Artist VB

Photography, Art Direction + Styling by Justin Akomiah Studios

Commissioned by Eddie Cheaba

VB wears all clothing by Stone Island and C.P. Company.

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