Inside “La Vie Agréable” Presented by Lea Federmann.

Lea Federmann presents her latest fashion editorial, teaming up with striking photographer Eve Power to display the interesting and admirable life of Hari Dasa Miao. Previously a member of Sarah Andelmen’s Parisian Fashion house Colette, his loveable personality and energetic presence influenced the project. Through Hari’s aesthetic, we explore the masterful styling and art direction delivered by Federmann.

What is “La Vie Agréable”?

“So my best mate, who’s also a Parisian influencer (ex Colette team) Hari Dasa Maio @hariagreable came to visit me in London and we organised a shoot with him, called ‘La vie agréable’ which means ‘the cool / pleasant life’ and referring to the tattoo on his head but also to his life’s philosophy, his couldn’t-give-a-damn attitude drives all of us mad but this is what makes his charm. He is the kind of guy who doesn’t care about anything and takes life just as it comes, from one day to the next. Everything in its own time, slowly but surely. That’s what we tried to convey through simple and real poses and with the way we shot it on film for a vintage and more authentic result.”
“We wanted to mix brands Hari would wear and most of them – especially the collaborative items – are from the recently closed Parisian fashion house, Colette. All the brands we choose are exclusive and resonate with the urban culture, which represents us quite well. We’ve known each other for years and grew up in the East of France, where we met when we were 18 years old doing a Hip Hop class. Hip Hop culture introduced us and unites us, it kept us together for all that time. We both grew up with Hip Hop culture in mind and that’s why we are so proud that this editorial is live on Viper.”

“La Vie Agréable” by Lea Federmann

T Shirt + Hoodie: FAMT – Fuck Art Make Tshirt
Red Waistcoat: Vintage Burtons
Trousers: American Apparel

Ring: Vintage Berber, Model’s own
Shirt: Carhartt
Shirt around waist: Levis
Trousers: American Apparel
Shoes: Dr Martens

Polo: Model’s own
T Shirt: FAMT – Fuck Art Make T Shirt
Shirt: Episode Paris vintage
1st Trousers: Carhartt
2nd Trousers: Weekday
Loafers: Fendi
Jewellery: Berber

Hat: Topman
T Shirt: FAMT – Fuck Art Make T Shirt
Blazer + Trousers: Model’s own
Shoes: Fendi
Socks: adidas x Gosha Rubchinskiy

Polo + gilet: Model’s own
Trousers: Carhartt x neighboorhood
Shoes: J.W. Anderson
Jacket: North Face x Junya Watanabe from Colette
Jewellery: Berber

Polo: Models Own
Waistcoat: Jay musson Vintage
Trousers: Vintage from episode paris
Shoes: Converse x stussy


I am a French-born, London-based Freelance Fashion Creative and Stylist. I grow up in the east of France, left home when I was 18 years old to study Communications in Strasbourg for two years, then went to Paris for five years, where I studied in the field of Marketing and Communication (BA degree) and finished a master degree in Fashion. This allows me to boast a versatile profile, both textile technical skills and a management approach. Having graduated, I moved to London and worked as a Marketing/Events/PR and Social media Manager for a Japanese designer, this during almost two years. At the same time, I was assisting fashion stylists and set designers during my spare time, as a passion.”
“I am now working as a freelance fashion creative and stylist for e-com brands and I’ve recently started my own editorial projects; I had the chance to style and design the set for a few emerging artists. I am now preparing new and exciting editorial projects with creatives from London, coming very soon. Along the way, I’ve always inhabited a passion for urban culture and been fascinated by Hip Hop since I was very young. That’s actually a problem because I’m not really open-minded to other type of music and I probably should… I don’t really know what I am missing.
Photographer: Eve Power.
Model: Hari Dasa Maio.
Art Direction + Styling: Lea Federmann.

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