Your stage name has strong ties to the original WCW, Hilary Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air . Do you share many similarities or personality traits?
I don’t share many similarities with her, I’d like to believe we both have a cool sense of style. I’m
motivated by money and so was she, but who isn’t?
 Your lyric, ‘Money affi run when we link up, if you take care of the kitty everything good’ is a great motto. What qualities do you look for in a man and how important is financial stability in your relationship?
Fun, handsome, honest, kind-hearted, humble, good-spirited. It’s not all about money, though at
the same time I need to be with someone who’s really motivated and heading towards goals. I
want somebody who is on the same page as me at the end of the day. A person needs depth too,
money is just a bonus.
What’s the long-term goal for Trillary Banks, do you have a specific post you’re aiming to reach or just taking things one day at a time?
I’m just starting, everyday I’m working harder and I’ve just been getting everything in place to make sure I can give the supporters something crazy every time I release. I’m taking things one day at a
time but of course I aspire to be bigger than anyone can imagine.
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