Firstly, briefly introduce yourself.

I’m Spryo, I’m from East London and I’ve been DJ-ing for the best part of 20 years. I started producing records around the year 2000 inspired by jungle, garage and the early grime sound.

What would you say are the most popular beats you’ve created?

‘Topper Top’, ‘Big For Your Boots’, ‘Ten Out Of Ten’, ‘Scary’, ‘Side By Side’.

What is your favourite song you’ve worked on and why?

‘Scary’. We made that track in RedBull Studios. I didn’t even know that it was possible to start a vibe on one day, and for the video to be shot and record to get released the next… Not literally, but it all happened so quickly! I work pretty fast but Stormzy showed me that there was someone out there who was working faster and moving quicker than me!

Do you think that production software becoming more accessible to just anyone is a good or bad thing for music?

Couldn’t really answer this, but I suppose people will get their hands on what they need to and do with it what they can!

What influences you as a producer?

Skepta. Before he was even spitting, his production was mad; it’s always been mad. When I started hearing his tunes for the first time as a DJ, his sound was grime but it was different!

Can you tell us about any projects coming up in 2017?

I’m working on my own project entitled ‘Sounds Of The Sir’ – coming end of 2017 or the top of 2018.

This is an extract from Issue 8, The Nomad Issue of Viper Magazine. Read more from the magazine here. Buy physical and digital copies here.

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