Haati Chai makes you want to lace your entire body in chunky chains. Based in sunny Los Angeles, designer and founder Stella Simona blends the line of eastern and western with her historically influenced pieces. Drawing upon the intricate beauty of Asian jewellery techniques and her contemporary vision, Simona has established her brand as the go-to for body-chains and cuffs.

Founded in 2011, each piece in the collection is either handcrafted by Simona and her team, or by specifically sourced artisans in East India. Meaning ‘elephant and tea’ in Bengali, Haati Chai blends western motifs with Indian craftsmanship, infusing organic materials and architectural design to create an impressive array of items. Not limited to the traditional pieces created by jewellery designers, Haati Chai also offers headpieces and body chains.

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Words by Laura Arowolo

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