Artist: OthaSoul Ft. Emmavie
Song: In The Dark
Producer: Emmavie

Following last year’s release of their debut full-length project, ‘The Remedy’, OthaSoul are back with their latest offering, ‘In The Dark’. The track, which features production and a hook from the immensely talented Emmavie, is in the style that has become synonymous with OthaSoul, crafting a soulful sound with lyrics that are socially aware of the current climate.

Of the song’s significance, OthaSoul explained, “Too often you hear artists sounding like they’re so sure of themselves, but the future is so uncertain. It’s something that we particularly feel right now in all our careers; that uncertainty of if you’re doing the right thing, if you’ve chosen the right path.”

“We are all “In The Dark” about how our lives will be, as our stories are still yet to unfold; especially for us young people in this country right now the future has never looked greyer, but this is also about that defiant leap into the darkness, the relentless hours of work you put in to make your dream come true, embracing the unknown and just pushing on. These are the doubts of all of us and we all aren’t alone in that. Eventually, we’ll all learn to see in the dark.”

It remains to be seen if ‘In The Dark’ will be a standalone single or be part of a forthcoming project, but Louis VI and Dozer Carter are said to be concentrating on solo endeavours of their own.

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Words by Nathan Fisher.

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