BAPE® is excited to unveil the upcoming launch of the BAPE® SK8 STA. This fresh footwear creation merges the brand’s iconic style with a focus on outdoor functionality, catering to individuals who seek a blend of fashion and practicality.

The BAPE® SK8 STA features a seamless mix of suede and calf leather, ensuring durability and elegance for any escapade. By incorporating ripstop material, the shoe gains extra tear resistance, promising longevity even in challenging outdoor conditions. Additionally, the premium suede and calf leather components add a touch of luxury and elevate the overall aesthetic of the design.

In recognition of the need for versatility, BAPE® has meticulously crafted the SK8 STA with an outdoor-inspired shoelace design. The sturdy laces not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a secure fit, guaranteeing utmost comfort during extended walks, hikes, or any outdoor pursuit.

A key highlight of the BAPE® SK8 STA is its innovative sprinkles outsole. Engineered for top-notch traction and durability, this unique outsole ensures exceptional grip on diverse terrains. With this feature, wearers can confidently navigate through any outdoor environment, be it rocky trails or slippery surfaces, without compromising on style or safety.

The BAPE® SK8 STA is set to release at BAPE STORE® London on Conduit St., Mayfair and online at uk.bape.com on June 29th.

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