MCQ has launched Striae, an icon which is inspired by the movement of the human body, drawing from anatomical illustrations related to skin and muscle structures. What usually hides beneath clothes becomes the focus, with patterns inspired by lingerie, scars and vitiligo. The study of body movement is channelled through kinesiology-inspired tape and seams on sporty jackets, gilets and trackpants.

Modular ribbed knits are fashioned from the anatomical muscle structure of the body and athletic utility lingerie features velvet panels that are soft to the touch. Heatmap inspired fabrics resemble thermal imaging and internal anatomy.

The body theme is further developed in hand and body prints designed by illustrator and textile practitioner Taylor Silk who was the lead graphic collaborator on this icon. MCQ also collaborated with Ai Kamoshita to style the campaign. Rina Sawayama is also featured as a collaborator for starring in the campaign & is designing her own capsule collection.

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