Hailing from Jacksonville, Texas, Cico P stand out with his psychedelic beats and smooth vocals. With the release of his new project. ‘NawfJaxx’ last week, it’s only right we give you the lowdown on why you need him in your playlists right now. 

If I needed anymore proof that Cico P was a major name to watch, ‘Boogie’ delivered. Still my personal favourite, the track’s airy, ethereal production acts as an incredible backdrop for the booming trap vocals. 

Cico P was first mentioned to me by my assistant Bruno, who was already a fan off the strength of his song, ‘Tampa’. Fast forward a few weeks and I was being sent tracks by Cico P from one of my favourite music PRs, Audible Treats! Further proof that Cico P was that guy when it comes to new names in Rap. 

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