BEAM unveils a seasonal offering of London appropriate streetwear in the form of a graphic T-shirt accompanied by a relaxed cotton hoodie and sweatpants, carrying the brands attractive ‘BEAM’ graphic placements on the front and an enlarged globe print back. Produced from 100% Portuguese cotton, debuting at a credible, heavyweight and quality-lead means to create.

Hailing from East London, spreading its electric vibes, sound-system culture, and community-lead movement across London and beyond, BEAM has evolved from staffing and planning events into a multi-faceted creative agency that handles artist management, merchandise, radio presentation and many more.


Expanding BEAM’s cultural-lead movement to the wardrobe makes a lot of sense, alongside the BEAM Team sticking to their roots to host/work with several events for artists and brands such as the likes of Skepta, Dave, Lancey Foux, Unknown, EJDER, Naked Wolfe, Supra, Havana Club, Patty & Bun and more.

BEAM mentioned “We wanted to grow and evolve, especially over the last 18 months in and before Lockdown. This merchandise collection is just the tip of the iceberg for the progression of BEAM and is a testament to our evolution as a company – we are always striving to bring the best possible product to our community and to give back at every given opportunity”.

Photographer: @tomcadogan
Produced by: @shivzstar
Assisted by: @jacquesfugee
Models: @derrickappiah , @lzee01 , @hmyna_
Shot at: @bowbunker
Videography: @tomcadogan & @jacquesfugee

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