(Lola wears, T Shirt, Corset & Belt – No Dress, Trousers – Poster Girl, Shoes Stylist’s own)

Dropping into the music scene with her single ‘Bad Girlfriend’. Portsmouth born singer and model has released, in her own words a ‘sun bathing’ project. The project will be full circle in February with a single dropping every month to celebrate the individual zodiac signs and make up the full album. Influenced by astrology and its four major elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water), Viper sits down with Lola Coca to discuss the album, influences behind her smooth vocals matched with an array of visuals highlighting her natural beauty and creative flair.

(Lola Coca wears Bodysuit by Kajsa Willumsen)
Talk to us about your early life and growing up.
My early life in Portsmouth I spent a lot of time alone as an only child, and I say so because as a child you don’t have the autonomy to go and hang out with your friends. I was bilingual for a hot minute with French and German due to friends of my parents who minded me whilst both parents worked. I only ate cucumber sandwiches and rice crispies, it’s all I wanted. Then growing up, I still always was very determined and aware of what I wanted. I loved all forms of expression, being in plays, bands, making clothes, dancing. I think being an only child put me in touch with myself very early on, even as a teenager I was pretty specific and obsessive about what I liked and didn’t like.
(Lola Coca wears Top and Trousers by Julia Seemann, Shoes by Melissa X Patrick Cox and Shades Stylist’s Own.)
What did you grow up listening to?

Most of all my gut, lol. But musically No Doubt, M.I.A, Lauryn Hill, Kid Sister – I was just obsessed with raw, fearless females.

(Lola Coca wears Gloves by Rocket Vintage, Bra by Elissa Poppy, Coast by Julia Seemann, Shoes by Topshop, Hot Pants by Elissa Poppy and Shades Stylist’s Own.)

I know you’ve taken a dab into modelling. How would you describe your experience in the industry and is this still an avenue you are exploring?

I had a very positive experience modelling, overall. There was some absolute BS days, “seduce the sandwich” being my favourite line of direction for an Egyptian Burger King commercial, but for the most part commercial modelling was great. The only thing I struggled with was that I was reflecting or a product of everyone else’s ideals, and as someone who knew what they liked and didn’t like so thoroughly and had somethings to say, I grew tired of seeing myself through other people’s eyes. I am now so grateful to be given opportunities modelling presented on my own terms, for what I believe in, and in my own essence.

(Lola Coca wears Dress by Elissa Poppy and Rings by H&M.)

How does it feel to be a female rapper in a heavily male dominated industry?

I never really think of myself as a rapper, though it’s a part of what I do. In general I kind have just observed that men LOVE and have always LOVED to support and gas other men, and that in itself is a beautiful thing to watch. I guess it’s a form of emotional support without requiring to be too vulnerable… to relate to struggles at a comfortable distance. As women, we were conditioned to see other women as competitors, and therefore we haven’t screamed and gassed each other for as long as men have been doing. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon in a widely spoken about sense. Even if we FEEL a female rapper and her experience, we are shyer (?) as a female mass to literally rally behind them. We may do it for the duration of a song but then it leaves us. It is changing though. So we just need to keep it up, scream louder and see more females on the lineups.

(Lola Coca wears Top by Colin Horgan, Shorts Stylist’s Own, Boots Model’s Own.)

How would you describe your creative process?

It’s different everytime. Recently I’ve just been bursting out in song and just witnessing the first lines of what I say. I think we all, always have inner songs. It’s like a silly voice that sings what you’re subconsciously feeling. You might do it when you’re cleaning your room sometimes. I find that those songs are unedited truths that I then go back and “listen” closer to before I try and recreate the songs in reality.

(Lola Coca wears Top by Colin Horgan & Slashed by Tia and Trousers Model’s Own.)

So I know you’re releasing a new project this month, called the EVERY SEASON series. Can you give us a taster of the background of the series and what to expect?

Yes! I call it a “sun bathing” project where I bathe in the energy of each astrological sun sign as it happens, release a song in the energy, and continue to do so for the astrological year (which ends March 2020) So Leo season you might expect a warmer summery sounding tune. Upbeat and vibey. Cancer season, something a little more emotional and vulnerable, and feminine if you will. I’m trying not to be too conscious of genre. More about mood. Do I feel this, despite whatever genre someone calls it? So yeah it’s really exciting to do, and my audience gets an album worth of material!

What would you consider to be your biggest achievement in music so far?

Growing up in small town Portsmouth, it blows my mind that I released an album that has listeners all over the world from Japan all the way to Mexico (the long way lol).

What does the the future hold for Lola Coca and what can we expect to see from you?

Anything and everything is possible in the future, really just here for claiming the now!

Words by Rachel Abebrese.

Photography by Emilia Milusauskaite.

Styling by Kashmir Wickham.

Make-Up by Sogol Razi.

Hair by Sam Roman.

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