Lola Coca is a name that is gathering much ground in the music world. The London-based singer-songwriter was originally a model before deciding to pick up a pen and pad and to date she has accrued thousands of hits on her Soundcloud page and the recognition of some big names. With beauty, an amazing voice and a graceful sound behind her, Lola’s star is certainly on the rise.

Viper recently caught up with her to discuss musical influences, hot drink preferences and a perfect day in her life.

Firstly, for those that may be unfamiliar with Lola Coca, who are you and what do you do?
It’s a question I ask myself most days! For the most part I’m a singer-songwriter from Portsmouth.

Growing up who were your major influences and why?
I could tell you the artists: Madness, No Doubt, Backstreet Boys, Puff Daddy blah blah, but I was probably most influenced by seeing my father make a success of his own dreams. The audacity of knowing it can happen if you work hard enough influenced me more than any particular artist.

What’s your favourite hip hop mixtape or album ever?
The Fugees’ ‘The Score’.

Top 5 MCs Dead or Alive?
Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, Azealia Banks, Mike Skinner and Andre 3000. I hate this question!

Tea or Coffee?
Coffee… I have tea aspirations, though.

You’ve been making so many great moves in 2016, what else can we expect from Lola Coca this year?
Hmmm, I also ask myself this everyday!

You’ve spent a bit of time in LA too, could you see yourself moving there one day?
In certain emotional capacities, I have already moved there.

Favourite animal?
Do the muppets count? If not then cats and otters – the feline family.

Summer or Winter?
SUMMER. Why anyone would choose winter, I don’t know.

Describe a perfect day in the Life of Lola Coca…
Well firstly, it’s definitely summer – having breakfast at my local with Puff Daddy just to amp me up to maybe start a successful brand? Then teleport to the studio to work with CeeLo Green, Andre 3000 and Salaam Remi on this new banger that is yet to exist.

Cut to the evening at the Copacabana beach surrounded by my close friends and family listening to Bossa nova and jazz whilst some bouji arse chef is cooking up some vegan bonanza. Later to be driven home by future bae and future baby Coca to discuss creative ideas for business and pleasure on Egyptian cotton sheets. I mean…I’m not sure this is what you meant though.


Photos and words by HypeMari.

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