Firstly, briefly introduce yourself.
My name is Steel Banglez, I’m a music producer, songwriter and record label owner from East London.
What would you say are the most popular beats you’ve created?
I’d say some of my benchmark beats are ‘Karlas Back’, ‘Ain’t The Same’ and ‘Madness’ by Mist, as well as ‘No Words’ by Dave featuring MoStack, ‘Go Down South’ by Krept & Konan and ‘Bad’.
What influences you as a producer?
I’d say my Punjabi culture and my upbringing in Forest Gate; being in the grime era and seeing all that happen. Jamaican culture as well, my best friends are Jamaican; growing up, in their house they used to have sound systems and I would DJ there. Like a true artist, another influence is my past, my ups and downs.
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