Spinning an eclectic juxtaposition of hip hop, trap and electronica, P-Rallel’s DJ sets have seen him become a regular fixture on Dalston radio station, NTS. Alongside his show, for the past few years, the Londoner has been releasing music with the likes of Sam Wise, Finn Foxell and Lava La Rue – to name a few.

On Friday, the producer dropped his best body of work to date, following a short documentary titled ‘The Road to Soundboy’. Featuring Greentea Peng, Louis Culture, Nayana IZ, Lord Apex and Venna, ‘Soundboy’ fails to be defined by one genre. The EP is a testament to his musical ear and willingness to experiment with a variety of sonics.

‘Signal’ eases you in with a scintillating guitar riff and four-on-the-floor beat. Greentea Peng then provides her beautiful, raspy vocals to standout single ‘Soulboy’ – a concoction of jazz, dub and reggae. Despite its range of influences, the six tracks master the essence of fluidity; P-rallel’s notoriety for setting party vibes is no different on this EP.

Prior to the release, the 21 year old was quietly cultivating London’s eclectic music scene, but ‘Soundboy’ won’t make his influence so understated anymore. Listen to the EP below.

Words by Liam Cattermole.

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