JunglePussy is a glorious bundle of contradictions. Even in the notoriously explicit world of hip hop, she has one of the most explicit names going and some of her videos are enough to make Lil’ Kim blush. Yet despite all this, she’s a devout Christian, doesn’t partake in alcohol and even her infamous name has a far more innocent meaning than anyone would imagine – referring to her love of leopard print. She has often spoken of her bemusement at the hype her name creates, stating in an interview, “I could’ve sworn there was the Pussycat Dolls and Josie and the Pussycats, but nobody objected to their names. I mean, Dick is the name of many men across the world, and it’s also slang for penis. Pussy is the same thing.”
I’ve pretty much been in love with JunglePussy from the moment I was aware of her existence – from her outrageous and super-sexual video outfits to immensely quotable lines that feel like a call to arms for every bad bitch out there. My personal favourite, ‘Picky Bitch Checklist’, contains such gems as, “I’m not boujie, I’m selective” and “if you’re fucking with a bitch like moi, all you have to do is shut the fuck up and look sexy.” Her twitter account also serves as an insight into the mind of a bitch in charge, including my personal favourite soundbite: ‘BRAIDS TOO TIGHT TO SUCK DICK RN SRY TRY AGAIN LATER’. But she isn’t just a bossy rapper with a Twitter account (hi Azealia). This protege of Theophilus London has already supported two of hip hop’s reigning queens, Lil Kim and Erykah Badu, but 2014 looks to be JunglePussy’s headlining moment. And what better moment for Viper to meet this sexy rapper than for the Sex Issue? We got into bed with JunglePussy to see what makes this Brooklyn badass tick.
You come across as a real alpha female in your music, do you think the average guy is intimidated by you?
I recently found out they are. I thought I was mad chill.
Although your lyrics can be quite explicit, rap music in general is full of sexually explicit lyrics – do you think it seems more shocking coming from a woman?
It’s not shocking at all. Everyone loves acting brand new. There were genius female entertainers in the 1930’s such as Lucille Bogan and Bessie Jackson whose lyrical content was even more explicit than it is now. We’ve always had a voice, some just choose not to hear.

Do guys ever take tips on how to impress you from your songs?
You’d think they would right? Guys are dumb like, ‘hello…I make it so easy to let you know what I want, just press play’.
Do you think the name JunglePussy has altered how people see you, and do you view it as a help or a hindrance?
It’s the greatest experience ever. I believe in my mind, body, and soul. I know who I am so it’s interesting to see how people treat me. I get to learn so much about people that way.

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Photos by Jessica Lehrman.
Words by Lauryn Tomlinson.


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