While you were sleeping in line for the Air Foamposite Ones with your pack of hypebeast friends, 17 year old Maxo and his Custom Clicc stumbled upon too many pairs of rare shoes while pulling a Lewinsky. In case you’re not familiar or from the SWAT in Houston, a Lewinsky is slang for burglar inhabitation: running up in someone’s house, tying up the residents, and having a field day with their possessions. That was 2007, two years after Hurricane Katrina and plenty of time for evacuees to overpopulate Louisiana’s neighbouring states. Post-Katrina, “that’s when [Lewinskies] got really tripped up,” says Kream. Since that one lick, Custom Clicc has gone by the KREAM Clicc Gang (Kash and Kream Rule Everything Around Me). But the mentality of dressing in exclusive street-wear remained, “You move with the Clicc, you gotta dress the part” says Maxo.

Despite the comparisons you could make between his clique and Dipset’s relaxed delivery, coupled with a sharp fashion sense, you won’t find Maxo in a pink bunny suit. Instead he’ll be brandishing a .50 cal Desert Eagle and AR-57, decked out in all black or in Blue, repping the Crips. He recalls the first time he held a gun at the age of eight. It was his older brother’s .38 Special that he found stashed in a Nike shoe b ox. “I was playing with it. Nothing too serious. You know how as a kid, you fucking around. He came in the kitchen while I was playing with the gun, beat my ass real quick on some shit like that.”

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Photo by Kobi
Words by Bryan Hahn

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