With this new single from Casnova and Finn Foxell, take a read and find out why these two are captivating us…

Broadcasting soulful dub-plates from across the West London way, Together, immersive producer Casnova & lyricist Finn Foxell unveil their collaborative single titled ‘Family Tree’. The single explore’s what’s important to an individual, amidst the global pandemic in London. The track produced and mastered by Casnova taps into UK Rapper Finn Foxell as he expresses feelings on a beat he dubbed radiating “Real Shepards Bush Vibrations”.

Laying down his open mind, Finn delivers powerful entries as he raps about his family, loved ones and the things that make them important to us. The energy unmatched, the single was produced in one session alone at Metropolis Studio. “The song was made to give a happy and uplifting vibe to people while being able to highlight the important things in life. I feel like this gave the track a special feeling and hopefully others can relate to that too.” says Casnova.

The reality of a ‘Family Tree’ is built on roots, both Finn & Casnova’s roots lay deep. Growing their relationship through side-by-side positions, with Casnova as Finn’s DJ, and to sharing experiences in and out the studio.

Affirming their home-grown roots, the new release came at the announcement of a live event at West local record shop, ‘Next Door Records’. Sharing the new sounds with guests and local heroes across West London, the release came along with an exclusive sale of limited edition vinyl press for sale.

“Me and Cas only round the corner from each other and he’s been working the decks on stage with me for a while so it felt only right we dropped a lil dub to move some feet, this one is a family thing.” – Finn Foxell

Don’t miss a drop, listen to the new collaboartive single titled ‘FAMILY TREE’ By Casnova Featuring Finn Foxell here.

Vinyl Artwork By Josh Curville

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