As the British summer lives up to its reputation, it’s the perfect time to get a glimpse of Gill’s latest innovation, the Voyager Jacket – a waterproof marvel built to withstand the elements and cater to the needs of the modern explorer. The light-fitting waterproof and breathable jacket is set to become a go-to companion for any outdoor activity providing a dry and comfortable fit, whether out on the high seas or exploring the land. 

Boasting Gill’s cutting-edge PFC-free XPEL® waterproof technology, the Voyager Jacket is a testament to the brand’s commitment to offering top-notch gear for active individuals. You can rely on its quality waterproofing to keep you protected in the most challenging conditions. Designed with Gill’s XPLORE® 2-layer waterproof and breathable fabric technology, the Voyager Jacket is a fusion of style and functionality. Its sleek, minimalistic look, complemented by a range of bold colour options, makes it a true statement piece suitable for both men and women. 

At Gill’s HQ in Nottingham, where the brand was founded, the Voyager Jacket underwent rigorous testing to ensure unrivalled durability and performance. Gill’s commitment to excellence and waterproof expertise shines through every detail of this new release, making it an essential piece for all adventure seekers. 

Priced at £120


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