Hey Harper launches their first athleisure collection designing the go to active- lifestyle collection

On the 23rd of February Hey Harper is expanding beyond their signature range of waterproof jewellery by launching their first Athleisure range. An active-lifestyle collection focusing on style and comfort helping the customer feel confident whilst being active. Founder Catarina Oliveria states, “it was conceived to meet the needs of all individuals who are active and move their bodies for physical and mental well-being rather than just focusing on athletic performance”. This new line complements Hey Harper’s signature range of waterproof jewelry, providing customers with a complete sweat-resistant outfit that is stylish and wearable but ultimately extremely practical to fit into everyone’s wardrobe and lifestyle no matter their age or size.

“At Hey Harper, we believe that being active and moving your body is essential for both physical and mental well-being. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Athleisure collection. Our collection is designed to take you from your favourite yoga class to brunch with friends, and we want to make sure you feel confident and stylish while feeling comfortable”.
Founder & CEO Catarina Oliveira

Developed in Portugal, the active-lifestyle collection features quick drying moisture-wicking fabrics that are designed to prevent skin irritation and reduce unwanted odours. The collection includes two cropped bodysuits in purple and black, as well as two identical four-piece sets in contrasting beige and black. Each set includes leggings, shorts, a sports bra, and a long-sleeved crop top. Accessibly, priced and sized with sizes available from XS to XL and individual pieces starting from just £50 going up to £99. These gym sets also have a contouring fit and design with a tight waistband, under-bust support and glute flattering contour lines which accentuate the best parts of your figure making you feel confident whilst you train.

Hey Harper’s first Athleisure Collection is designed to revolutionise your activewear wardrobe with clothing not just for the gym but for leading a youthful, active and healthy lifestyle. Catarina says “whether you’re working from home, or going to brunch, or going for a run Hey Harper will make you feel confident and stylish whilst feeling comfortable.”

The Athleisure Collection will be available online from the 23rd of February.

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