Dutch fashion line Daily Paper introduces its docu-series, Daily Life, with one of our favourite faces, Julie Adenuga…

A longtime friend of the label, DJ and presenter, Julie Adenuga shines a light on her personal life, as the short film shows a raw glimpse of Julie’s family, friends, heritage and her surroundings in North London. The brief video shows how she built her career as well as her motivations, inspirations and shortcomings. Unveiling the debut episode of the Daily Life series, Daily Paper explained, “The purpose of this series is to show our community that we are all connected and are more alike than we realise. Even though our experiences, roles, titles and places may differ… we all take life one day at a time.”

Julie followed up, saying “In this new phase of my career, I’ve been very intentional about the brands I choose to work with; and I’ve been a long-time fan of Daily Paper. I think they’re exceptional – their integrity, innovation, quality and how they celebrate blackness.” She continued, “The Daily Life captures different sides of me, many of which were previously unseen. It transcends my career alone and explores the journey of a creative, successful personal and business life, as well as what the future holds. Daily Paper not only understood the assignment, they also went above and beyond to create something that feels authentic to both myself and the brand.”

Daily Paper is expanding its community platform Unite, with Daily Life following the brand’s Unite Sessions freestyle series. Each feature episode will give an insight into the highs and lows that play out during a typical day in the life of a creative as well as the successes, struggles and driving forces. Unite provides an insight into the ever-evolving Daily Paper community across borders, industries and backgrounds.


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