Escentric Molecules are launching NEW Body Washes (£38) and Lotions (£48) which provide a new medium for you to explore your sense of self. Available from the 7th of May at Escentric.com, this collection of 5 body washes and body lotions, offers you a rare moment of true self care and presents the perfect conjunction of science and art in a uniquely Escentric way.

Creating a super-luxurious showering experience thanks to an unusually high percentage of fragrance, the fragrance-rich foam revitalises the mind and gently cleanses the body. Escentric Molecules NEW Body Lotions embody the perfect fusion of luxury and skincare innovation. They are powered by biomimetic active ingredients, meaning they mimic the skin’s natural biochemical processes, and leave skin hydrated, enriched, and balanced. Deeply scent-infused, they leave an enchanting trace on your skin that harmonises with our range of fragrances, accompanying you throughout the day.

Loaded with a potent blend of natural oils like squalane, jojoba oil, and shea butter, our lotions are formulated to nourish and protect your skin from dryness. Rich in essential fatty acids, these oils provide and long-lasting hydration, while phytosterols offer calming benefits, helping prevent inflammatory reactions. Infused with hyaluronic acid and sorbitol, our lotions boast high moisture-binding properties, ensuring your skin stays hydrated throughout the day. Castor oil further enhances this power package of ingredients, resulting in a body lotion that goes beyond the ordinary, offering an abundance of active elements in one luxurious, fragrance-rich formula.

Escape to an island getaway with Escentric 05 Body Wash & Lotion and experience the radiant warmth of Cashmeran, intertwined with pine resin, bergamot, orange, rosemary, and delicate fig notes. Immerse yourself in the essence of Mediterranean summers with every wash and application and let this aroma-rich lotion transport you to sun-drenched vistas. It’s a journey worth embarking on…

Escentric Molecules E01 Body Wash (£38) & Lotion (£48), escentric.com

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