With undeniable charm and confidence that shows up in his music, wolfacejoeyy is one of the most exciting risers to emerge from NYC’s Staten Island. Get familiar with him via this VIPER Presents…

What five words define your sound? 

Fun, colorful, sexy, nostalgic, and dreamy.

Tell me something unique about your creative process

 I record, mix and master myself. I can’t work with engineers. If I want it mixed, I just send it out.

Which song of yours would you like people to hear first?


What inspired you to make that song?
I was just in my room making music and I stumbled upon the beat. I was just having the time of my life. 
What’s the most vulnerable you’ve allowed yourself to be when writing/making music?
Definitely on ‘stop trippin bout girls u don’t know’. That was a true story and it had me fucked up for a while. I normally never say stuff that has directly happened to me on songs – I will reference it here and there but that song was the first time I’ve really just told a story. 
What’s the best/worst experience you’ve had on stage?
Best experience has to be the Eem Triplin tour I was on recently. Worst experience was this one party I did in NYC in like 2021 – I literally performed in front of five people, and I performed on a wooden box. 
What is your favourite song to perform?
Has to be ‘cake’. Only because everyone knows the words so I let the people sing. 
Which artist/song/album made you want to make music?
Definitely [Travis Scott’s] ‘Rodeo’ and [Drake’s] ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’. However, Tyler The Creator was the sole reason why I truly believed I could take my music to wherever I wanted because he didn’t have the traditional “rap career” and it really inspired me. 
What’s the meaning behind your name?
I initially made wolfacejoeyy as a producer name/Instagram handle, and it was definitely inspired by listening to a lot of Tyler (‘Wolf’ and ‘Bastard’ to be specific). People think it’s “Wolf Face Joeyy,” but it’s “wolf ace joeyy.” 
If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?
Couldn’t see myself doing anything that wasn’t music to be honest. If I wasn’t rapping, I would’ve been a producer. if I wasn’t a producer, I would’ve definitely been an A&R or something. Music is literally my life. I honestly can’t see myself doing anything else. 
What’s success to you?
Being happy and taking care of my people. 
What moment in your life/career forced you to change direction?
I think the first time I realized I can take my music places was when I dropped this song called ‘Miss Me’, and that was the first time labels started to call me and offer me deals. At that time, I was working a job and I was literally thinking about getting another one while I was still in college. So when that happened, I was like, “Holy shit, this can actually work.”
Where can people keep in touch with you?
@wolfacejoeyy everywhere!

Photo by Luca Marie and Uma Natalia

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