Prepare for the ultimate kick off with JD, the leading retailer for youth fashion and sportswear brands, as Beta Squad and AMP gear up to face off in a charity football match like no other. 

On Sunday 2nd June at Selhurst Park stadium in London, the event promises to be a day filled with excitement, entertainment and most importantly, charitable giving, drawing in audiences from around the globe in aid of The Water Project. 

With a live audience capacity of 25,000 fans, tickets for the event sold out within minutes, with a staggering 65,000 people eagerly queuing up for a chance to witness the action- firsthand. For those unable to secure a ticket, the match will also be broadcasted live, ensuring millions of viewers worldwide can experience the excitement from the comfort of their homes. JD are also excited to be giving away tickets for the chance to secure your seat at the stadium. 

Beta Squad (Niko Omilana, Chunkz, Aj Shabeel, Sharky, and KingKennyTv) are a dynamic team of five British YouTubers who have taken the online world by storm. With their infectious humour, boundless creativity and unwavering dedication to entertaining their audience, Beta Squad has amassed a staggering 9 million subscribers and counting. Their content, ranging from hilarious challenges to captivating vlogs, resonates with viewers of all ages, making them one of the largest and most beloved content creators on the platform. 

AMP, or Any Means Possible (Agent 00 / Din Muktar, ChrisNxtDoor / Chris, Duke Dennis Gaming / Duke Dennis, ImDavisss / Davis, Kai Cenat and JustFanum / Roberto) includes six content creators who have revolutionised the YouTube landscape. 

Kai Cenat, with his magnetic personality and boundless creativity, serves as the driving force behind AMP’s success, as the all-time most-subscribed Twitch streamer and the 10th most followed Twitch streamer in the world. His original style of content has garnered a massive following and solidified his reputation as one of the most influential figures on YouTube. 

With over 5 million subscribers the group are known for their innovative approach to content creation, particularly in live streaming and challenge videos. Together, they have cultivated a community of dedicated fans who eagerly await each new upload, eager to experience the excitement and comradeship that defines the AMP experience. 

Speaking of the upcoming match, Beta Squad’s Niko Omilana said:

“We’re ready to play! Going head-to-head with AMP is going to be an unforgettable experience that we hope our fans enjoy. Knowing how bad AMP are at football, we wanted to even things up so AMP’s mystery player is a current professional footballer who is set to make the match go down in history. Being able to bring everyone together for a great cause (The Water Project) and have all the support from our fans, makes us even more excited.”

In an exciting twist, the AMP team will feature a ‘mystery player’— a current professional footballer with Premier League and Champions League experience. This disguised player will be masked the entire match to keep his identity a secret, joining some of the biggest online creators from around the world, collectively showcasing to a following of hundreds of millions of fans. 

The charity football match, scheduled for 16:00 BST, is set to be a memorable day in YouTube history, with all proceeds from the event going towards supporting The Water Project, ensuring that the impact of this event extends far beyond the football pitch.

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