A BATHING APE®︎ is pleased to announce a collaborative collection with Sean Wotherspoon…

Sean is an American designer and artist based in Los Angeles, California. As one of the world’s leading
vintage collectors, he founded his vintage store ROUND TWO at the age of 23. Since then, he has influenced Gen Z and Millennials through collaborations with different brands. As a collaborator, he has released a number of hit sneakers, all of which feature Sean’s signature use of colour and materials.

This collaborative collection is filled with Sean’s creative ideas – comprised of denim jackets, denim pants, plaid shirts, reversible crew neck sweatshirts, reversible t-shirts, sweat t-shirts and collectible pieces such as ball cushion, bracelet, rubber band ball and the BABY MILO® DOLL.

The collection also features the original “BOTANICAL CAMO” which was created with Sean specifically for this collection. “We call this collection ‘Hidden Gems’. There are details from the past to the present and details that you may not notice until you actually spend some time with these collections. I’m mixing my favourite vintage styles and techniques with my favourite era of BAPE®︎ to bring you the best of both worlds,” Sean commented.

Featuring Sean’s signature vintage-inspired look, the denim jacket and pants alternate between washed
denim and hickory stripes and are embroidered with APE HEAD, TWO FACE, BAPE®︎ BEE and Sean’s signature. The vintage-inspired checked shirt is also embroidered with the APE HEAD and “Sean” written in Kanji character. The back features the SW logo and BAPE®︎ BEE embroidered. The crew neck sweatshirt comes in two styles: reversible red and blue, and reversible navy and grey. Printed with cracked APE HEAD, GENERAL, TWO FACE, etc., which can be worn in four different ways.

The reversible t-shirts, which feature the college logo print and turn inside out to reveal the TWO FACE print, are available in red x green and off-white x navy. The short sleeve sweat T-shirt is available in navy and green. It has a washed fade finish for a vintage look and feel. There is also a wide range of goods and accessories. The ball cushion is a special item that alternates between the original “BOTANICAL CAMO”, denim, hickory, and corduroy.

The hemp bracelet is accented with BAPE®︎ BEE and SW logo charms, while the rubber band ball, wrapped around with a BAPE®︎ rubber band, unravels to reveal a BABY MILO®︎ figure inside.
Don’t miss the plush BABY MILO®︎ wearing the hickory pattern which was used extensively in this collection.

This exquisite collection, which fuses the BAPE®︎’s legacy with Sean’s creative touch, will be available in limited quantities in store at BAPE® STORE London, Mayfair on Conduit St. and online at UK.BAPE.COM on Saturday, 11 May 2024.

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