After a strong start to the year, sustainable streetwear brand Broken Planet are back with their biggest collection to date. Their ‘Space Trails’ range follows on from their release of the same name that dropped in 2023, with the new collection set for release at 8PM GMT on Sunday 28th April.

BP have enjoyed a sensational start to 2024, becoming synonymous with streetwear culture across the globe in the process. This year the brand has already released two capsule collections, ‘Out of Service’ and ‘Broken Hearts’, as well as dropping off their biggest ever restock and releasing an updated ‘Basics’ collection. On top of this their collaboration with D-Block Europe helped earn them a number one album in the official UK charts.

‘Space Trails’ sees Broken Planet pick up where they left off with their biggest ever collection. Fans of the brand will be familiar with their signature graphic heavy, puff print typography style which is apparent in this collection, but the brand has also experimented further with different patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes. There is an overarching desert theme to the drop, with many designs featuring scorched tones and graphics of wilderness, as well as some pieces using a custom Broken Planet camo design. This has been backed up by a striking lookbook shot in Los Angeles during the infamous Coachella weekend.

The innovation does not stop there however, as Broken Planet are also releasing exclusive womenswear pieces in this collection. The brand has always catered to women by dropping unisex clothing but this release will take this even further, featuring a custom BP camo bikini and skirt, as well as crop tops and a corset complete with BP hardware. It is Broken Planet’s mission, backed by female co-founder Indre Narbutaite, to add exciting, unique takes on womenswear throughout their collections. This is a new step for the brand but one that is sure to please their ever growing female audience.

On top of this we will also see the second iteration of the Broken Planet padded workwear jacket, complete with matching brown denim jeans and jorts. There will also be custom camo ripstop cargo pants, with detachable leg panels to turn into cargo shorts.

‘Space Trails’ therefore is one of Broken Planet’s most innovative and ambitious drops to date, signalling their ambitions as a leader in streetwear. It is no wonder that their pieces have been worn by everyone from SZA and AJ Tracey to Maya Jama and Jude Bellingham. This is a brand who continues to go from strength to strength whilst keeping sustainability at the heart of their practices.

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