Tradition. Quality. Craftsmanship. BIRKENSTOCK is pleased to introduce Suede Braided, a collection that celebrates everything that has set the brand apart since 1774. Mixing and matching classic materials with existing oiled leather braided styles, this iteration brings reinvention for a new season, adopting BIRKENSTOCK’s original anatomically shaped footbed which is featured in new, contemporary styles.


Designed with a focus on sophistication and individuality, the Suede Braided collection pairs the timeless heritage of the iconic Boston mule and Oita silhouettes with traditional design methods and handcrafted detailing to reinvent contemporary wear for the everyday. Each silhouette features a heartland Suede upper with an elegant tone-in-tone hand-braided leather strap made from exceptional craftsmanship in Portugal.

This reinterpretation of existing braided models honours BIRKENSTOCK’s purpose of “walking as nature intended” with the anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed: a legendary construction offering deep moulding and cup heel with transverse arch support. The natural material holds function and comfort front-of-mind. The soft, suede upper with Felcro boasts a high moisture absorption capacity and provides stability, flexibility, and comfort with an adjustable strap. The high-quality, lightweight and elastic EVA outsole along with the hand braided suede strap is the perfect blend of form and function for the modern individual to walk naturally into the future.

BIRKENSTOCK’s Suede Braided campaign features French-Ukranian artist Elvira Voynarovska who crafts multi-layered tactile sculptures with natural materials inspired by themes of home, movement and exploration. Drawing on experiences of exile to form metaphorical stories through design, Elvira has forged a path for herself and is an empowering inspiration to many.

The campaign serves to celebrate and connect a shared unity and profound commitment to traditional methods and timeless design.  Elvira’s hands-on sculptural process and meticulous coiling technique is reminiscent of the traditional handmade braiding by Portuguese craftswomen behind the new Suede Braided collection.

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