BAPE® and Globe-Trotter are thrilled to announce their highly anticipated collaboration, showcasing a fusion of streetwear flair and luxury travel elegance. The collection highlights three exquisite designs, each meticulously handcrafted with Globe-Trotter’s prestigious Vulcanized Fibreboard and accented with sleek black leather straps and corners.

The fusion of craftsmanship and style is expertly incorporated into every detail of the BAPE x Globe Trotter collaboration, where each piece showcases the meticulous artistry and innovative design that define both brands. From the handcrafted Vulcanized Fibreboard to the intricate black leather straps and corners, every element is thoughtfully integrated to embody the perfect balance between timeless craftsmanship and contemporary style. This collaboration is a true testament to the seamless incorporation of traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, resulting in a collection that is not only visually striking but also a celebration of artistry and creativity.

The star of the collaboration is the 4-wheel carry-on in vibrant ABC CAMO Green, a perfect blend of functionality and style for the modern traveler. Additionally, the collection features a sophisticated Large Check-In case in eye-catching ABC CAMO Blue, ideal for those seeking a statement piece while jet-setting in style. Completing the lineup is the chic handbag in soft ABC CAMO Pink, adding a touch of femininity to the collection.

Every piece from the BAPE® x Globe Trotter collaboration is adorned with a specially designed luggage tag inspired by the iconic Ape Head design, adding a distinctive touch to these exclusive creations. With a perfect marriage of BAPE’s signature ABC CAMO pattern and Globe-Trotter’s timeless craftsmanship, this collaboration is set to redefine luxury travel accessories.

Launching globally on April 17th, 2024.

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