Admiral Team Dressers Release

Britain’s oldest sportswear brand, Admiral Sports, marks a new chapter in their story, launching ‘The Team Dressers’, an ode to 80’s football fan culture and the clothing they donned. The collection features iconic Admiral silhouettes re-imagined for a contemporary audience, whilst tapping into the current zeitgeist.

As sportswear innovators, Admiral Sports led the charge in the rapid development of football clothing worn for non-sporting purposes, playing a large part in outfitting youth culture for the best part of the last 50 years.

‘The Team Dressers’, set in the humble changing room, plays on the nostalgic element of sports, tapping into core memories of cold weekends spent amongst friends before a game, as well as the highs and lows that come with playing football. Pensiveness gives way to unbridled joy, rituals to results and great gear to the perfect post-match pint.

Launching in the run up to Euro 2024, the collection puts forward classic football team colours, re-visiting the rich history of Admiral football kits, from West Ham to England, Coventry to Manchester United. The resulting collection is a timeless and seasonless capsule that reminds the audience of the impact Admiral has had on football since their inception.

The new Admiral Sports collection is available from www.admiralsports.com and select stockists soon.

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