Serge DeNimes is proud to announce the launch of ‘Perle’ by Serge DeNimes. Encapsulating the essence of opulence, offering meticulously forged pieces that redefine elegance and sophistication.

Experience Unprecedented Luxury: ‘Perle’ represents the epitome of luxury jewellery, meticulously forged from the finest materials with exceptional finishing. Each piece within seamlessly elevates the wearers collection to further heights, setting new standards of style.

Expect More: Forged from the highest quality materials, ‘Perle’ features pieces made from 925 Sterling Silver in both a brushed and polished metal finish. Weighted jewellery that combines comfort and durability, each piece embodies strength and refinement. The collection promises uncompromising quality, ensuring that every detail meets the highest standard.

Unique Stones: ‘Perle’ celebrates individuality with each piece showcasing a blend of freshwater pearls, gems, and birthstones that span every month of the year. From lustrous pearls to shining gems, every stone is carefully selected to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflect personality and style.

Hallmarking Excellence: Designed in the heart of London, every item within the ‘Perle’ collection bears a prestigious hallmark from the Goldsmiths Assay Office. Precision laser engraved with a distinctive bespoke enlarged hallmark; each piece is a testament to authenticity.

“Perle has now been three years in the making. Ever since we first started creating jewellery in 2015, we have been slightly restricted, restricted in terms of the weight, finishes and stones as we wanted to offer a product that was premium 925 Sterling Silver but affordable at the same time” states founder Oliver Proudlock. “However, it was always my dream once we had set the foundations with our mainline to launch a line that touches on luxury. Where we are no longer restricted by these limitations. Almost 9 years later and I couldn’t be prouder and more excited to launch Perle by Serge DeNimes”.

Elevate Your Collection with Perle by Serge DeNimes: Discover the unparalleled beauty and sophistication of this emerging new label. Whether seeking timeless elegance or elevated minimalism, ‘Perle’ offers the perfect piece to complement style with timeless perfection.

Releasing via www.sergedenimes.com/collections/perle on the 10th of April at 7pm.

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