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Look beyond the chaos and into the calm with Oakley® Latch™ Panel, a new lifestyle sunglass, that combines style and function to empower wearers to zone in on what matters to them. This bold addition to the Latch Family blocks out distractions with a boundary-pushing design and is made to take on the unknown and unlock more adventures. 

With a shape that is distinctly Oakley, Latch Panel draws inspiration from the original Eyeshade frame. The unique design includes side shields secured by a latch mechanism to combat peripheral glare. This allows wearers to focus on what’s in front of them and zone in on uninterrupted rhythm. The versatile style is equipped with a 5B cylindrical lens for better field of view, features thin ear stems that fit well under hats or helmets during exploration, and includes Prizm™ Lens Technology to further tune in detail. The latch mechanism also makes it easy to clip to any shirt for quick access and convenient storage. 
Team Oakley’s roster of athletes isn’t immune to life’s chaos. But with Latch Panel, Kylian Mbappé shows viewers in the brand’s latest campaign how to take control of the chaos. “When I’m in game mode, my focus is laser-sharp on the singular goal of performing at my best,” said Kylian Mbappé. “Latch Panel sunglasses allow me to look further, giving me the clear, focused vision needed to really get in the zone.”    
Zone in beginning April 4th as Latch Panel drops in select Oakley stores and retailers, and on Oakley.com.    

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