Explore craftsmanship with artist and designer Jyrrel through jewellery making and BIRKENSTOCK customisation

Launched in February 2024 with footwear designer Helen Kirkum, BIRKENSTOCK STUDIO: WALK WITH ME is pleased to announce the second artist-in-residence for the month of April – Jyrrel Roberts, better known mononymously as Jyrrel – a 26-year-old self-taught, cross-disciplinary artist hailing from London. 

Crediting most of his inspiration to his upbringing, always having an urge to create things with his hands, Jyrrel decided to pursue his creative aspirations and became a student of YouTube to learn as much as he could about the diversity of crafts – eventually landing his focus on his current creative outlet: the processing of silver and gold. In March this year, the DIY creator finally launched his jewellery collection eponymously named Jyrrel consisting of unique made-to-order pieces that will be constantly updated with new styles. 

With a series of bookable immersive workshops and sessions that celebrate Jyrrel’s craft and the values of BIRKENSTOCK, a DIY station will remain in the Dray Walk Gallery space throughout the residency for visitors to experiment with tools such as markers, stamps and stencils. 

Jyrrel Workshop Programming 

Customisation Workshops:

Bring your Birkenstocks to the studio and give them an upgrade as you learn how to work and customise leather under the guidance of Jyrrel. 


Saturday 6th April, 1pm-4pm 

Saturday 20th April, 2pm-5pm 

Thursday 25th April, 6pm-9pm 

Make Your Own Pendant Workshops: 

With Jyrrel’s expertise in the craft, get an introduction to jewellery making by creating your own pendant with the help of wax designs. 


Saturday 13th April, 11am-1pm  

Saturday 13th April, 2pm-4pm

Saturday 20th April, 11am-1pm  

Pendant Finishing Sessions: 

During this weekend, participants of the pendant making workshops can pick up their creations that have been casted by Jyrrel and learn how to finish them with techniques such as filing and polishing. 


Saturday 27th April, 1pm-5pm 

Sunday 28th April, 1pm-5pm

For more information about BIRKENSTOCK STUDIO: WALK WITH ME, visit https://www.birkenstock.com/gb/studio/

To sign-up to Jyrrel’s workshops, click HERE

Photos by Mike Palmer

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