Vans, the original skateboarding brand, is proud to welcome Atiba Jefferson as Brand Curator. Following the success of the OTW by Vans launch, this partnership marks a significant step in Vans’ commitment to its new brand approach of Always Pushing, which inspires consumers to create their own path with the commitment to keep going and drive a perpetuity of progression.

Atiba’s impact and portfolio span across the collective cultures of art, music, design, and streetwear working with change-makers across the NBA, world-renowned musicians, global designers, and most importantly, pioneers in the world of skateboarding. His ability to seamlessly bridge skateboarding with global youth culture makes him the ideal partner to push Vans to the forefront. 

Vans, the pioneering skateboarding brand, and cultural catalyst for over 50 years was founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren driven by his creative and innovative vision to do things better. The brand was adopted by a trailblazing group of skateboarders from Dogtown, propelling Vans to become a global icon of skateboarding.

Today, Vans is re-imagining the original spirit of freedom and progression rooted in skateboarding with a new campaign – Always Pushing. “Always Pushing is a renewal of Vans’ commitment to pushing skateboarding forward,” shares Drieke Leenknegt, Vans Global Chief Marketing Officer. “Like the generation that founded Vans’ non-conforming, ‘Off The Wall’ mindset, we also serve the future generation that looks to skateboarding and the culture that surrounds it to drive progression and positive change. Atiba is the perfect partner as the driver to that evolution.”  

Vans has chosen Atiba, one of the most influential figures in skateboarding culture and a long-time partner, to co-create with Vans Skateboarding and build a vision for the brand’s future. Together with Vans, Atiba will work to re-invent what skateboarding means for Vans by unlocking a global network of trailblazers to connect through product design and consumer experiences, all in service to the change-makers who want to push culture forward. 

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