Embodying heritage and quality, BIRKENSTOCK celebrates its timeless design and introduces three of its most eminent styles reimagined in suede. Drawing on the unmatched BIRKENSTOCK design language defined by Karl Birkenstock’s inspiration from Brutalist architecture with its clear lines and visible natural materials and carried by the unwavering purpose to enable walking as nature intended: The interpretation of the ZÜRICH, ARIZONA, and BOSTON is characterized by the soft texture and rich aesthetic of suede which sets the three iconic styles into a contemporary street-inspired context.

Once a symbol of aristocratic elegance, the velvety yet durable material suede evolved into a modern staple material, transcending its historical roots and adding a contemporary twist to BIRKENSTOCK’s core silhouettes. BIRKENSTOCK’s Suede Pack is a fresh take on timeless aesthetics in soft beige hues, merging the Original Birkenstock Footbed with an unbeaten material, blending trusted craftsmanship and authenticity. The BIRKENSTOCK Suede Pack is more than just footwear: it’s a statement of style. The closed sandal ZÜRICH is making a comeback taking its rightful place beside none other than BIRKENSTOCK superstars BOSTON and ARIZONA. The ZÜRICH, designed in 1964, embodied a dynamic vision of the future for BIRKENSTOCK, was it only the second sandal Karl Birkenstock ever designed, featuring a built-in Original BIRKENSTOCK Footbed – a ground-breaking development which has been changing our perception of footwear to today. The unisex style with two adjustable straps is here to stay.

The BIRKENSTOCK Suede campaign is a celebration of authentic style and individuality that transcends time and geography. It aligns with BIRKENSTOCK’s values of quality, heritage, and authenticity. The protagonists embrace their individuality, representing their generation in Marseille’s breezy, sunny and rocky seaside neighborhood Malmousque. It’s a call to be true to oneself and to embrace one’s unique style without reservation. Marseille’s textured charm encapsulates a universal appeal that speaks to audiences beyond cultural borders. The BIRKENSTOCK Suede campaign serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to originality, uniqueness, and self-expression. It invites consumers to embrace their individual style, confident that they are choosing a product that represents both tradition and innovation.

All products will be available on www.birkenstock.com, at Birkenstock stores and at selected retail partners.

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